Reflection About Supernatural Overdone

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Piece Reflection: Play

1. Muse? Inspiration? Why did I write this piece? Where did I get my idea? How is that like or different than my usual inspiration?

Truthfully I never wrote a horrifying story before, it was never my taste. I didn't know how I was going to compose a story were people felt distress when reading. Especially a story they couldn't see, but feel. I consider supernatural overdone, also not everyone believes in supernatural occurrences. If you can't picture yourself in that circumstance then it’s not that scary. So instead I did worst scenario with dissociative identity disorder along with schizophrenia. My inspiration for this story was Split the movie. I had only watched the trailer when it first came out for the movie, but I didn't get the opportunity to watch the movie.

6. What did I learn about writing, myself, and/ or my readers through this piece and/ or the discussion of the piece?

I learned a lot about myself when I wrote my short story ¨Play.¨ Play had made me think outside of what I oftenly gravitated for. It was the first story that had a drastic alteration in what I normally write. I never
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The effort and dedication I had put to progress with this story was a lot of determination. I had started Bombing Hope in the sixth grade. I had wanted to change the ending of the Divergent series so badly. I had some many ideas on what they could’ve brought to the table for the next following book if they continued. For almost a year I would daydream about different outcomes and had made my own ending to the book. Sooner or later I had finally had a moment of truth and realized if I had wanted that outcome that badly I would have to make a story with one. It had taken me a year or two to portray my vision thoroughly. I would start the story and continuously delete hundreds of pages because I strived for more. Bombing hope had a bountiful amount of changes over the
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