Reflective Essay On Bullying

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Bullying: Could Destroy the Future (In this Reflective assignment, I applied Kolb’s model as my framework.) Every day before I sleep I just had one wish. My wish was waking up with a remarkable increase in my body height, and in every morning I was disappointed why my wish didn’t come true. Nothing can change a reality of a thing that I had been genetically inflicted with. From an early age, when I started to feel I’m shorter than my colleagues and classmates. People started making comments on my height!! Those comments were really irritating and hurting me. “you look like a midget” is a phrase commonly repeated to short people. I decided changing my school as I thought that would be the only solution. It was my first day in the new school and it also was my first day in the middle school. I was so excited and nervous. I was afraid of meeting new people and living in a new environment. The waited day came, yes it’s my first day in my new school. When I was taking my first step in my class, I heard a voice saying in sarcastic way “you’re in the wrong class the primary section is in the first floor”, that comment broke my heart but I went over it by thinking positively. However, the day was running too fast until our last period which was PE (Physical Education). Guess what the teacher asked us in the period!! She asked us to join the sports club in our school and each student should choose her/his favorite sport club to join. I was really eager to join the basketball
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