Reflective Essay On Bussiness Administration

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Economy is always an attractive field, since it is a perfect combination between Science and Art, logic and psyology. Therefore, in order to be succesful in this, a person must mix excellently those two criteria. That is totally a challenge, yet fascinating. Some people claim that this field is too general, as it focuses on too many fields. But I think differently. I never consider it as a disadvantage, but a great benefit to possess a clearer and wider observation about the economy. Some people may be distracted, and confused. That is an understanable hardship. But it is also a path that I would love to conquer. In other words, Bussiness Administration is like a kitchen full of ingredients, and the chef’s mission is to prepare a diverse meal with excellent quality. Firstly, I have to admit that Human Resources is a reason why I’m into this course. Being an introvert provides me a strength in listening to other people, giving them advice, seeking their aptitudes, proposing a proper strategy for each person…show more content…
A lot of people found it scary, including me, yet I love this. I once had the intention to suicide. After the death of my father, I fell into extreme depress. I held myself in my very own shell, and didn’t have any effort to communicate to the world, and totally lost hope about everything. But I realized that it would lead me to nowhere. Therefore, in high school, I decided to break out the box, to become a new person, by trying to do things that I never dreamt of. For the first time, I stood on the stage as an MC. For the first time, I wrote an article to publish on a famous newspaper, and a lot of the first time I have experienced. I have to admit that I enjoy those feelings, and would love to have such moment for the rest of my life. Eventhough I know that in the real world, it must be much more harsh, but I will always ready to welcome new

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