Reflective Essay On Class Spirit Week

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For most of my college years, I have been a part of the class 's executive board. Presently, I am the Senior Class President. With my position, I am tasked with leading class meetings, planning class events, and everything in between. One major part of being on executive board is the planning of your class spirit week. Four weeks before homecoming, Senior Week is the first major event week of the school year, and is the last group of class-based festivities for the respective class. Knowing how important the week was, I was fully prepared to put on one of the best class weeks that the Class of 2018 had experienced. As the school year began, I still hadn 't been appointed to my position and given access to the class operating website. About five weeks after school began, I was officially appointed to my position. As good as this was, the bad part was that I had only one…show more content…
Extremely late nights and dozens of on-the-fly adjustments later, we completed our task at hand. For a class of only 300, we had an extremely good turnout. The feedback for all our events were excellent. Also understanding the limits that we were working with, our classmates really appreciated all the hard work that we put into our events. As for myself, this was one of the many challenges that I 've faced as a student leader. I think the biggest difference was that, previously, we were always given a gap of time before the event was to occur. This time, we had less than a week. To be the leader of a group under these types of conditions was extremely tiring. Yet, I understood that I had a task at hand, and I needed to be on my A1 game the entire time. To add on, I had an amazing group of executive board members that worked tirelessly to make sure that every aspect of our events was perfectly in sync. Having held previous leadership positions, this was the ideal situation to display my acquired skills. Personally, I took this challenge as the perfect project to serve to start of my final year of
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