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During my clinical rotation at Shenango, I felt myself beginning to grow as a practicing clinician. I had a lot more knowledge coming into this rotation than my rotation at Butler. At Shenango, I got to use my knowledge from lower extremity, upper extremity, and modalities which gave me a lot more free rein to do things. When I was at Butler I couldn’t use the modalities because we didn’t learn about them yet. But at Shenango, I was using a Game Ready with electrical stimulation my first day. Already knowing the lower extremities before this rotation really helped me alot too. My first day I was also doing a lower leg evaluation. At Butler, I was really uncomfortable with the lower extremity because we were just learning about it but since this rotation I have gotten…show more content…
Since I lack experience, I lack confidence, but I know once I get that experience I will gain confidence just like I have this rotation with the lower extremity. Gaining confidence was one of my biggest goals for myself this semester. Fake it, til you make it! That is the advice the upperclassmen give us underclassmen. Eventually the confidence will come, just with experience and practice.

For my next clinical rotation I want to become more confident with the upper extremity and its evaluation. I haven’t had exposure to these injuries yet so I am eager to learn about them. I also want to progress an athlete through a return-to-play protocol.
Whether their injury be an ankle sprain or muscle strain, I one-on-one, want to make the decisions on what treatments, exercises, and stretches the athlete with go through. Obviously, with supervision and help if I need it. I rely on my preceptors and peers a lot for help and want to become a more independent clinician. I am eager for my next clinical placement on-campus and cannot wait to see what experience junior year has in

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