Reflective Essay On Coastal Hospice

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This week at coastal hospice I felt more comfortable with the staff and was able to address some of the concerns without hesitation. The only thing I still do not like is how I have not been able to keep one consistent preceptor during my rotation. This would not be an issue if I was being trained to work there. I think it is a great idea to learn from multiple nurses and get an insight of the way everyone does something differently. However, I feel that in my circumstance, I should be with one preceptor so I can get some insight about myself to see if I am growing as a nursing student. Nonetheless, when I arrived at coastal hospice on Wednesday I met with Merriam and worked with her for a few hours. We went to Lake Side Assisted living to meet with a 98-year-old woman who was recently diagnosed with end stage cardiac atherosclerosis. We were referred by the primary care doctor to admit the patient today. However, it did not go as smooth as one would hope for. We met with the patient 's family, which consisted of the son and daughter in law. After a quick assessment of the family, it was clear the son and daughter in law had the final decision. I…show more content…
I really enjoyed how she was able to break down the information and have a nurturing tone. However, every so often, the daughter in law would interrupt my preceptor and add statements about what she perceived hospice was about. My preceptor sometimes brushed off the interruption, which made me think of the ethical issue of veracity. We should be giving all the information the family deserves, regardless of the interruption. Maybe it was the fact the family was given information about hospice that was not accurate. Maybe this made the family hostile towards hospice. The word hospice already has its negative implications. I felt we should have addressed the family a little more in detail during the
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