Reflective Essay On Colorism

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One final story on Colorism. Black or White? Colorism is discrimination based solely on skin color. So how to tackle this prejudice? What intriguing story should be built around it? Well, I have no idea. It 's been months and still don 't have a single cohesive idea to construct a story. But did you notice the title of the book - Void? Devoid. A story void of an idea. A story devoid of an idea. And the theme - Colorism.

So why not write about the brainstorming and the "research" that went into the failure of creating this story, I thought. Would serve as a personal commentary and the epilogue too.

Barring a couple of stories on bedbugs and teenager Tamanna, rest of them are topical, tackling one or the other social demons that haunt us.
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Since I wasn 't able to come up with something exciting, I decided to talk to people and seek their opinions about it. And I did manage to think of an enticing plot, but I wished to write about the process rather than the result this time. Because the real contributors were the people I talked to, they laid the foundation for me to build further.

"Opinions on colorism please" went the message on WhatsApp to friends. And thus came the replies:

"Who cares about color? I don 't."
"It does happen. Most prevalent in workspaces. In fact, I read a newspaper article on how even children prefer to talk to and trust white people."
"It 's sad yet true. And no way to escape it."

Next step: I posted questions on Quora.
"What if colorism was to vanish tomorrow? What if everyone was the same color?"
"What if the entire world 's population was white or black?"

An impossible utopia was the unanimous opinion. And so confident about the impossibility of wiping out this prejudice! This belief was strongly evident in the answers.

"They 'd find some other thing to discriminate about!
How about we discriminate based on toe length? That could be interesting."
"I really don 't know what it would mean, there still (I think) would
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