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Counselling is a talking therapy that involves interactive relationship of client and counsellor. Counselling offers opportunity for clients to talk to the counsellor about their problems and feelings in a confidential environment. A counsellor generally helps the clients to see things from a different perspective and find their own solutions based on their own beliefs. The main aim is to enable the clients to develop a better understanding of self and be able to make changes to cope with difficulties in their lives, by reaching their own decisions and act upon them accordingly to develop a satisfying life.
Human beings are unique. Therefore, client-counsellor relationship is unique for each person. To ensure effectiveness of counselling,
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As I regard my client as a person I cared about, I might be easily to get influence by my client emotions. This in turn may cause me to be subjective rather than objective as a counsellor. Nevertheless, to not be affected by the emotional issue, I must have high self-awareness with better understanding of myself. It is important to have counsellors to regularly examine their own issues and hone their counselling skills to prevent their personal biases from interfering with their counselling session. In such case, to have an effective counselling, certain strategies could be used. Firstly, I need to identify the causes and formation of the difficulty situation of my client. I should not involve my own personal emotions when analysing the situation. Next, clarification of the situation is essential. The clients should figure out themselves on how to face the situation. An effective counsellor listen more than talks, and what they do say gives the client a sense of being heard and understood. The client need to find solution on their own as they might face the similar difficult situation again in future. Lastly, a balance of emotion should be met. The client might needed the stressful situation to express their feelings on it. As time is a great healer, the client need sufficient time to overcome the difficult situation. Forcing the client out of the difficult situation may eventually worsen the

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