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On Sunday mornings, you wake up early and nothing is on television besides Judge Judy, Divorce Court, or Judge Mathis. The Judges are ruthless and do not seem to have sympathy for anyone. They often yell to boost the ratings of the show. This is merely just an exaggeration of how the court systems work. Judges don’t only have sympathy for the defendants that aren’t financially stable enough to pay for their lawsuit. They are also willing to come to agreements on how much the defendants are able and willing to pay the plaintiff. This is important for the reason people get nervous thinking about court and because from television that’s how we perceive court systems On the day of February 22nd around 1:30 p.m., my friends Brady, Maxx, Ethan, and I went to the courthouse to see what the atmosphere of the courthouse is like and how judges perceive the law and seek what is right and…show more content…
We were ultimately looking for criminal cases, but we were unable to find any. Walking into the courthouse, I was in awe on how big it was. I thought it would be one floor with a couple courtrooms, but no, it was multiple floors with numerous rooms on each floor. The hallways were crowded with people sitting on the benches waiting for their time to be called. We found a courtroom that was open so we didn’t interrupt other court cases that have already started. The Judge, Fred Freeman, saw us walking in and asked us if we went to Duluth, and in a joking manner asked if we were there because a teacher told us to go to a case and write a paper on it. I replied saying we were there to get a real life understanding of how the court systems work. We watched multiple cases, but there was only one that had me intrigued to see what was going to happen throughout the trial. A lady refused to pay rent and left without cleaning up the apartment. The defendant stated that she paid a fee to move in early, and when she got there the keys didn’t work. She also stated that they were

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