Reflective Essay: My Choice Of Cultural Literacy

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I do consider myself cultural literate because even everyday life would become a part of the cultural literacy. However, I don’t feel confident elaborating using historical and religious cultural literacy due to the lack of knowledge and vocabulary. My perspective is different from those who are raised in the U.S. For instance, when I think of World War 2, the first thing that pops into my head is not German Nazi but the Japanese. My American born and raised audience might not understand my intention of my choice of cultural literacy. To be on the safe side, the most possible cultural literacy I can use in my commencement speech will come from historical culture and common knowledge of the world. Therefore, I was going to use pop culture as…show more content…
It was mainly because I learned a lot of new concepts in my Gender Studies class, and I have enough material to talk about. Ironically, the whole experience of taking Writing 39A and my Gender Studies class in the same quarter has been disorienting. In writing 39A, I was constantly been told to ask rhetorical questions while in my Gender Studies class, I was asked to stop ask rhetorical questions because they are “bullshit”. The writing class urged us to tweak our language and our appeals to persuade those who disagree with us that we should get more people to listen to us, however, the professor in Gender Studies class said that we should only argue with people who have their own argument, and it’s a waste of breath to even talk to those who disagree and don’t listen to us. I think this might be the reason why there is an inconsistency in my draft. I delete the statistic part in my essay because it has been pointed out in office hours that it feel like two essay instead of one. Also, I added more lines to explain why I chose silence since my audience might not be clear about that. Making those changes, I think I’m breaking apart from the 5 paragraphs
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