Reflective Essay On Dual Comp

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Looking Back Looking back through my papers that I have written for Dual Comp. English III, I realized that I struggled greatly with the use of transition words. I had always used the same few in my papers for other classes and did not understand their importance. I learned that transition words can make a paper really good if used correctly, or really bad if they are non-existent. While writing for Dual Comp. English III, I learned new transition words, how to use transition words, and how to add them into my papers to make them more effective. In the first paper I wrote for Dual Comp. English III, I had some difficulty with transitions. I was not sure how to add in a transition word to make my writing flow together and where I did decide to add transitions in my paper, they would be the same one, which made my paper sound repetitive. In the first essay I wrote called, “Helping Others While Helping Yourself” I struggled with my transitions greatly. In the first and second paragraph I used…show more content…
English III contained better transition words than my first paper did. I used more mature words that did not repeat and that overall made my paper better. Specifically, in the second paragraph of my paper “The Sumatran Elephant” I used the word consequently to transition from one paragraph to another very smoothly, which made a huge difference in how my paper sounded (Sumatran Elephant). Another place that I used new transitions to make my paper more effective is in the third paragraph of “The Sumatran Elephant”. I used the word ‘another’ to connect the idea of ways to save the Sumatran elephants in the sentences before it (Sumatran Elephant). Although I found more mature transition words for my paper, I realized that I was only using them at the end of each paragraph instead of through out the entire paragraph. Transition words are important to use in all places of a paper because they give an important flow to the
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