Dyslexia Reflective Essay

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When came the last two sessions, the client has been improved and upgraded to level three. It shows that he could understand and make use of the regularity rule and the consistency rule in certain extent. As observed, he got confused when had a grade up. He could not make a good connection between the pronunciations of target words by applying the rules he learnt as the previous sessions. The pronunciations of paired-up target words in the previous stages share the same pronunciation and a similar form. That makes the client familiar the mode of learning target words and therefore when he applied this skill in the previous stages, he had a better performance than these two sessions. However, things became more difficult when he came to level…show more content…
Throughout the sessions, our aim was to help a group of children who have been suffering from dyslexia. It is a difficult task as treating dyslexia is a profession and almost all of us do not qualify to be a professional. I still find it difficult even the 9 sessions are finished. Theories about dyslexia have been taught. However, a real treatment is not only involved theories, but the clients themselves. Different clients have different symptoms, so the theories can be an aid, but not all in the treatment. That is why I find it difficult as to hold a successful treatment need a lot of experience. Throughout the course, I have a lot of concerns and some of them cannot be answered until now. It is confusing that how to help the client to tackle his problem. I remember that the instructors always emphasised that we should arouse the clients’ interests and to be friendly with them as they are children. Firstly, it is not easy to find out their interests. As my groupmates and I tried some times, we finally discovered that he likes “UNO” and enjoys to play with a group of people. Also, children’s emotions are uncertain. This moment, they could be happy and the next moment they could be sad. We must be very careful and dedicated to details, otherwise it is hard to get along with the clients and gain their trust. We encountered those embarrassing moments as well, but luckily the client trusted us and be more and more cooperate
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