Reflective Essay On Ender's Game

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Everyone has a game, Enders game is the battle school and his goal was to be the best so people would finally leave him alone. Ender wanted to be so good that no one would dare to challenge him and so no-one would be able to ignore him. Until the teachers started changing the rules. I can relate due to the fact that people made fun of and bullied me and I still do from time to time, but that changed by getting good at sports. I was blessed with a big body and a lot of strength but not much coordination or talent. So I played football and wrestled, Being unable to catch I was made a linemen, learning slowly I had to overpower my opponents instead of using technique and smarts to win. As I got better people respected me, as Ender grew better he grew more respected. I relate to Ender because we both played the game until Ender 's game grew more and more unfair and mine just got harder. Where as Ender had life and death repercussions.…show more content…
And, after they turned him into his jackal of a brother peter. They send him to an abandoned planet Eros, one of the first bugger planets they cleared and turned into a command post. He met the first savior of earth, Mazer Rackham. He starts playing again this time with a new simulator where all his ships were little dots and he was playing against a computer. He would beat the computer and then find the computer trying the same thing against him minutes later. Mazer eventually felt he was ready, and he gave him the few friends he made through battle school, he used his friends against the simulation and found out what they were good at, and after they all worked together completely. He played against his master Mazer Rackham. They beat Mazer every time, it was very close sometimes, but they did it. And at the end where Ender feared he was going crazy and had lost his will to live. Mazer revealed “Ender you never played me”
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