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Hi Mrs.Brown, I hope all is well back at home and school. I wanted to go back and say thank you for everything that you have taught me in writing. Here in my English 101 class all we do is write essays. By the way, thank you for sacrificing your extra time after school hours to help me become a better writer. You and your class has really taught me how to write more proficiently. Writing in English 101 is very similar to writing in your class. In English 101 we have to come in ready to work because that class is nothing but hard work. Here we have to do rough drafts, peer reviews and homework that helps us out with our writing form and getting new ideas. It is just like your class back in senior year. The only thing we do different is that my teacher here does is she sets up individual meetings to go over rough drafts and how we can make our paper better and start writing authority and persuasiveness. I wrote this persuasive…show more content…
So I wrote an essay on how it is Samuel’s fault that he died because he had many opportunities to get off but he was too ignorant to do so. I didn't do so well because I made many tense agreement errors. When our teacher assigned our final exam essay, she let us deeply revise whichever essay because I know I could've so much better with the information you taught me. When I started typing my revised essay, I made sure to get rid of all or most past tense verbs I could find. I also had some awkward sentences or phrases, so I made sure I would fix those as well. I have seen improvement in my writing skills lately. My English 101 teacher challenges me, brings the best out of me and makes me work as hard as possible. I’ve gotten better at run-on sentences and subject-verb agreements. I have been working hard on cutting out the words and sentences that really don't matter and adding strong sentences that support my

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