Reflective Essay On Ethics Of Education

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I became interested in the topic of Ethics of Education because of my struggle with relativism. Holding up the classic trope of the family political arguments, every time I interact with my brother, dad, or mom, we seem to fundamentally disagree on topics including: race, abortions, class, etc. If I was unable to come to a conclusion on how to answer, my brother uses my political stance to put my morality and ethics into questions. Frustrated by his ability to back his arguments with his law school background and a moral high horse of religion, my initial reaction was to stop confrontations in discussions rather than challenge thoughts and arguments. Instead, I am working towards developing a fim moral compass to get out of the grey areas of…show more content…
The Summer after my first year in college, I took my 7th grade biology teacher, Mary Stemmler, out for brunch to celebrate her second year of retirement. She had told me that people typically don’t settle into their skin till their 30. This notion of settling and becoming closer to grasping a sense of self led to an increase of my self reflection on a regular basis. While abroad last year, I started to take journalling more seriously, not to track what I did day to day, but to see how I use self reflection and how the way I disclose myself to others in action and speech. Mrs. Stemmler’s comment led to a question to last a decade; what do I want to bring with me into my 30s? In Sociology of Emotions, there is close attention placed on the notion of the Self and self-narrative. These concepts are grounded in ideas of historical context and how you’ve maintained your timeline of significant events and how they’ve impacted your life. Through and constant reflection through writing and dialogues with confidantes, I hope to have a low percentage of self deception. I want to remain critical of my actions past and present. I find tracking the language I use while communicating stories or speaking about others to be useful for evaluating my

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