Personal Narrative: My Ethnic Experiences

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Different cultures have always been something that brought a large amount of interest to me. Learning the way of life about someone else allows me to have an open mind and enables me to accept others, regardless if they are different. The Ethnic experience that I chose to do was a face to face interview with a close friend that I was given the chance to meet here at The Fort Valley State University. The person I interviewed was Olamikunle Onikosi, Ola (As we know him). The interview ran for about an hour and it was conducted using the question and answer technique. During the interview we were able to experience all kind of emotions. He gave me an inside look on a specific area in the world that I had never associated my life better yet, my culture with. Ola is from Lagos Nigeria. Lagos is the largest city in Africa and it is packed to capacity. Lagos is considered the…show more content…
There were times when I laughed but, also times when I couldn’t believe the experiences that I was being told. This assignment taught me that there is much more that comes alone with ones culture than what we can see on the outside looking in. Some of the experiences that were shared with me were unbelievable and some that I thought were just myths. One thing that shocked me was when Olamikunle told me he had witnessed riots and his very own sister had been run over right in front of him. I value life on a completely different level. It’s the little things that Americans take for granted like electricity, education and honestly our amount of freedom. Having an inside look on another culture outside of your own does just what I expected it would, it opens you up to learning and accepting new things that you aren’t aware of. This assignment gave me the ability to step into an outgroup and feels as if it had once been my in-group. I learned a lot and I’m positive from now on I will be sensitive to other cultures and their

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