Reflection On Volunteering On Ambulances

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When I was about 20 years old, I decided to embark on an experience abroad where I would be volunteering as a first responder on ambulances. Having grown up with a doctor for a father, I was always interested in certain aspects of medicine, and I loved the idea that I could be a part of saving someone's life and making a difference. Going into the program I had a vision in my head that the daily life on an ambulance would not be so different from the movies. However, I soon realized it was not going to be the experience I had expected. Over the course of my time there I found myself changing my view on what it meant to help people. During my time volunteering on ambulances, I had to learn that help does not always come in the form of big grand actions. I learned that sometimes the most appreciated form of help comes from small gestures, comfort and reassurances, and small acts of kindness. Contrary to what I had expected at the beginning, my experiences ended up being quite different. Going into the program, not only did I anticipate the drama and fast pace, but I imagined myself dressing severe wounds, stopping bleeding, doing CPR, and splinting fractures. All of our instructors in our preparatory course warned us it could get intense, and I was prepared for…show more content…
However, when I first started the program a part of me was bored, and a bit frustrated, because it didn't feel like we were doing anything grand or important. Yet, slowly, I was able to start seeing the difference I was making. Ultimately, I was amazed by how grateful patients would be when we parted ways, and that they would sincerely thank me, even though I felt like I barely did anything for them. I learned through my experience on an ambulance that sometimes helping a person is not about the big things, but rather about the small and simple gestures. It was a lesson that I still carry with me to this

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