Reflective Essay On Family

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EDU. 503 Jessica Cecilio-Brown Homework Journal 1 When looking for someone to interview for this assignment I searched for someone I believed was vastly different from me. My intention was to learn something new about them and see if we truly were different or if we had anything in common. So I selected a coworker who to me was my polar opposite. Between my coworker and me there are obvious physical differences. Visually she is taller, a darker skin tone, and has many tattoos, is authoritative and very outgoing. But through these questions I came to find out we had more in common than meets the eye. The interview began with me asking her about her culture, since culture for me is a big distinguishing factor. Born and raised in Chattanooga, her African American roots and culture preservation was just as…show more content…
She is strong, bold, and proud of her race and heritage, her main concern is trying not to be negatively defined it. As I progressed, I asked, about family, family structure and beliefs? It was apparent that we had some differences here; she was born in a single parent home and co-raised by her grandmother who was the matriarch in her family but was surrounded by friends she considered to be family. This led to her believing that family is not just defined by blood relatives, but by those who chose to be family to you. This is how she raises her own kids today. As to beliefs she was brought up in a primarily Christian home, but has never been extremely committed. Her beliefs were placed upon her as a young girl and she just continues on believing. But won't force anything upon her kids, instead wants them to determine their own beliefs for themselves. As we carried on I asked her about education? Life was her main educator, she

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