Coworker Interview

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EDU. 503 Jessica Cecilio-Brown Homework Journal 1 When looking for someone to interview for this assignment I searched for someone I believed was vastly different from me. My intention was to learn something new about them and see if we truly were different or if we had anything in common. So I selected a coworker who to me was my polar opposite. Between my coworker and me there are obvious physical differences. Visually she is taller, a darker skin tone, and has many tattoos, is authoritative and very outgoing. But through these questions I came to find out we had more in common than meets the eye. The interview began with me asking her about her culture, since culture for me is a big distinguishing factor. Born and raised in Chattanooga,…show more content…
Overall I believe I am in some ways like my coworker. We are alike in that we love and embrace our cultural background but are not solely defined by it. Our faith, family, and education take top precedence in our lives. However we differ in our cultural upbringing, and some values. She is free flowing, keeping her values all her own not feel the need to pass it on because of her upbringing and cultural surroundings. I on the other was raised in a tight nit family with high spiritual beliefs that I feel is my purpose to instill in my family. Taken as a whole I believe our nature and nurture determined these differences in how we viewed family, faith, culture, and traditions. Here Bandura’s theory of modeling, Bronfenbrenners theory of ecology, and Baumrind’s theory of parenting are all demonstrated in both our lives. Our natural environment shaped our individual character; for Leah, she is independent and a character all of her own, but I am independent yet still follow a set pattern that of my family and beliefs. Furthermore social interactions and involvements along with behaviors demonstrated to us also played a huge role in how we live our lives
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