Today As A Feminist

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I stand here today as a feminist because I want to promote women’s rights in all aspects be it politically, socially or even culturally. This is because I strongly believe in equal rights and opportunities for all with complete disregard to gender, race and background. Feminist’s movements have campaigned and are still persisting to crusade for women’s rights such as equal pay, the right to an education, the right to have paid maternity leave and so forth. Feminists have also tirelessly worked to advocate bodily liberty and honour, as well as raising awareness in regards to rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence. However, modern feminists are tarnishing the image along, with the meaning of feminism because of their methods of attaining…show more content…
Today is the day we show them how distasteful and disrespectful it is to the women who do not have voices and actually experience abuse, enslavement and persecution. Today is the day we show them that we do not accept their biased and sexist beliefs. Today is the day we show them that they need to be mindful instead of ruining the meaning of feminism for all of us. First of all, they say men are chauvinistic while, they are the misogynists. Moreover, they make up names for other women who are against modern feminism “internal misogyny,” they say. As feminists are they not supposed to be proud of strong independent women freely speaking their minds? The word “feminist” has become tainted and toxic by their vile actions. As a matter of fact, in Africa, women are profoundly persecuted, and as a female Tanzanian I witness and experience these discriminations daily in my community. Nevertheless, I do not engage myself in nonsensical arguments belittling men, even though it is my gender that is experiencing the repulsive inequality constantly in many aspects of life. Despite all the gender discriminations I am not pushed to ostracise men because, I do not believe in supremacy and neither should you or…show more content…
If it is repercussions for all the years, women have had to uphold men’s arrogance and possessiveness, what difference are we to them? Have people not already endured enough misery? How are they promoting feminism with naïve controversy? Thus, we should not need modern feminism, as it is anti-feminist, anti-male, anti-family and anti-equality. Let us not be oppressed by our womanhood! Let us be empowered! Let us reject to construe ourselves as victims, on just the grounds that, we are women. We have been antagonised and castigated by modern feminists, not enabled! Consequently, pseudo-feminists need to realise how they appear to the rest of the world in this day and age. In this day and age, they spend their days in sanctimonious and never-ending arguments on social media insulting men, which just certifies their pompous, arrogant foolishness. In this day and age, they need to realise their obtuse arguments makes out men to be the ogres they think they are. In this day and age, they still define us by the utilisation of our uteruses. I adamantly refuse to be categorised as a frail flower and so should
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