Reflective Essay On Gender Roles

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As a child with two other siblings, my father came back on weekends from working and my mother took care of us daily. My mother’s role consisted of housewife duties and when my sister and I became old enough, we inhabited similar roles. As for my brother, he was my dad’s first choice when it came to outdoor tasks. The roles of my family are gender applied, but not so much anymore. Out of my family, I challenge these roles the most by not setting an expectation on what I should do based on my gender. I am not weak or incapable at other tasks, excluding wife duties, just because I am a woman. As for my mother, she is for feminism, but she believes it is a dangerous subject because many react violently towards equality between women and men. My dad is not fully on board with feminism; women should get equal pay, but they should not be doing outside chores because “that is a man’s job”. In addition, the word feminism scares most people away because they do not understand or know the true meaning behind it. For example, my brother thought it meant: women hate men, are angry, and are stubborn. However, as a feminist, I love both genders, equality is a must, and I advocate for women’s rights. A part of me always questioned gender roles when I was little, now I am challenging these norms, and I am still me. Occasionally I am outcasted for doing such but, being a feminist has made me grow and love myself, and the day I stop changing will be the death of me. Gender roles are a

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