Reflective Essay On Global Health

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Taking Global Health is a great learning experience. Over the course of seven weeks, I learnt a great deal of things about global health. The course subject matter is essential for every public health student. For the past three decades the term ‘global’ or ‘globalization’ has become a household term. We have global economies, global community, global industries and others. So it is proper to have global health, which provides the broad assessment of health both at the national and international levels while exploring how poverty, diseases, health disparities, socioeconomic development, equity and social justice impact morbidity and mortality. In addition, an increasing interdependent and connected world only means the health of people around…show more content…
Global Health furnishes me with the needed critical thinking skills and real world examples of what determines health, application of health concepts and ethical considerations in addressing public health problems. These I feel are some of the necessary skills or knowledge required to work at a multilateral organizations and United Nations agencies. Again, Global health empowers you for a diverse career whether in Public Health, research or academia. Global Health takes a student through many concepts such as health and wealth, demography and health, culture and health, health systems and others. A student is therefore exposed to a cross-sectional view or interdisciplinary approach making them apt for several career paths. After going through this course I understand better health indicators and can measure and offer a fair analysis of the burden of diseases across the globe. For example the Gapminder Tool is something that positively affected my performance as a public health student regarding gathering, manipulating and comparing data. It made it easy to access key health indicators of various countries at a go and to me that is a useful

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