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In this reflective essay I will discuss about Globalization. Globalization is the autonomy of the economy, culture, education and arts, communication and other parameters, which were previously the product of a single state. Mainly the purpose of this essay is to record, study and investigate the concept of globalization in the economy. “Economic globalization includes flows of goods and services across borders, international capital flows, reduction in tariffs and trade barriers, immigration, and the spread of technology, and knowledge beyond borders” (Samimi and Jenatabadi, 2014).
To begin with, according to Muhawar (2015), we can draw the conclusion that globalization has help economy growth for the most countries. The horizons of trade have opened. Now there are trade routes on all the lengths and widths of the earth, which are a means of transporting all sorts of products. For example, oil, precious stones, food, raw materials, etc. Previously this was not the case, and every people was forced to go with materials that were produced on its territory.
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I used the terms: Globalization, economy growth of Globalization, economic Globalization. Google scholar contains articles, websites, books, etc. First, I ended up to Muhawar (2015) e-book, which analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of Globalization. I selected useful information for my essay, I found detailed advantages of Globalizations, mainly about economy, and also more than one definition that helped me to understand better the meaning of Globalization. Next, this e-book it was written according to reliable sources. I found examples like India’s and Chinas growth. Second, I ended up to Stief (2017) website, which analyzed an overview of Globalization and positives and negative aspects that Globalizations create. This website helped me to selected information for the development of the essay such as, immigration and

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