Reflective Essay On Grief And Loss

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If you haven’t already, you will go through trials in life. Through those trials, the feelings of affliction that you experience are grief. Grief encompasses many types of losses – death, abilities, friends, relationships jobs, financial stability, etc. Each one of these examples can cause us to feel distressed. Later, I’ll be sharing my story of grief and loss. What event or events warrant feelings of grief or loss? People can grieve over a wide range of events in life from small changes to extreme ones. For example, while some parents grieve over their child moving off to college, other parents might celebrate! People might grieve over a divorce, death, imprisonment of self or others close to them, change of jobs, change of schools, friends…show more content…
My parents allowed me to grieve anything I needed to – loss of friendships, breakups, bad grades, moving, leaving home to go to college, etc. My sister got diagnosed with scoliosis and was given a back brace at the same time she got braces for her teeth. So, I remember my parents helping her through the grieving process of those changes. They listened to her and allowed her to cope with it however she needed to without trying to tell her what to do but they also tried to help her see the positives of it all. In chapter 6, Gutman says, “It I important to surround ourselves with positive people – people who are both respectful of our desire to enact change and who understand how to offer the emotional support we need” (Gutman, 2005, p. 90). Through this process of getting braces and a back brace, my sister needed positivity as we all do during situations such as this. My parents were also really encouraging and helpful when I experienced a loss shortly after high school. Even though I blamed them, they were still there to help me through
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