Reflective Essay On Group Dynamics

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Group Dynamics 26/2/2017 Today we learned about group dynamics. We started off with an activity for which we divided ourselves into groups, and discussed and prioritized fourteen givem objects to survive on alone at sea after a ship wreck. Our logic in prioritizing the objects differed from one another quite much. At the end of the activity, the lecuring doctor showed us how the experts had ordered the items according to well-thought-out strategies. We didn’t prioritize as the experts had -we weren’t even close-, but, through this activity, we had a light taste of group work, and it served as a good ground for seeding the subsequent points of the lecture into. As a student, I’ve had to work in a group multiple times. Although I’m not very fond…show more content…
For some, indeed, school was tidious and, in a way, a waste of time; but for me, it was the base it was meant to be. Sadly, I could not retain most of the valuable information, but I have the base to proceed further studies; and some irrelevant-to my-major-yet-interesting things remain from those good old days. This lecture made me think maybe I’m not an ‘adult’ in the educational-related matters. When my classmates complain of our college studies (especially the preparatory year’s subjects) not being related to our majors, I almost never had that complaint at all. However, whenever I reflect on that thought, my instant reply is that these courses are indeed important but others do not seem to realise it. It’s a sad truth really. I had known the concept of types of learning styles where the categories where visual, auditory, and kinesthetic from before. I am often told that I am an auditory learner due to my reading-out-loud habit while studying. Nevertheless, I believe I have a good visual aspect as well because, during exams, I tend to remember the picture of the book page or lecture’s slide and visually recall the information on that
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