Reflective Essay On Health And Safety

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Health and Safety and the Fire Emergency Policy are the most important procedures that occur in my work place. As a new employee at my company (Atos), I have received the induction training to health and safety and fire safety. On the first day I was taken through some training with the health and safety officer and was shown a presentation of the safety procedures. The objective of this was to ensure that I understood the following, to be aware of the Atos commitment to health and safety, understand my responsibilities regarding health and safety, understand fire and emergency procedures and be able to recognise hazards in my working environment. To comply with general health and safety I must: work safely and follow all the instructions provided,…show more content…
Each day I make sure that I am complying with the act, to do this I do the following at my work desk. First of all I make sure I have good seated posture, my shoulders should be relaxed and not tensed, and wrists should always be straight and not bent or stressed. I should have good leg room beneath my desk so my feet are firmly on the ground or foot-rest, this is to ensure my feet are supported. When sitting at my desk I should implement a balanced & upright head position. To support the spine I need to make sure the back rest is adjusted correctly, I must also check that I am sitting correct on my seat & not sitting at the front edge as this can cause strain on my back & possibly my chair to fall over and cause damage to myself. When I am using the mouse I must keep it close to the side of the keyboard as I can, but still being able to use it correctly. I must also check the glare on my screen, if there is too much glare behind me making it difficult to see the screen then I must tell my manager about this and fix the issue. I also have a laptop as well as a desktop pc, to keep to the health and safety I must ensure I’m not straining to view the laptop screen. There different ways to achieve this. One is to have a laptop stand so that its level with my eyes, or the other way, which the way I use is to have an external screen & keyboard so therefor I will

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