Reflective Essay On Helping Children

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According to defines the word serve as “to give assistance; be of use; help.”
It is easy for me to help my friends, however, I usually put my needs last. I have no problem taking my friends clothes and food shopping, putting the groceries away, even cleaning their home. I have encouraged my friends to continue their education, watch their children, review their papers and offer suggestions for their assignments.
As a granddaughter of a pastor, I watched my grandparents help the people within their community. They would feed anyone who came to their home. They didn’t have much, but what they had, they shared with those who were less fortunate. My grandparents always lent a helping hand to those who were in need by allowing people to stay with them, watched your children and helped people with disabilities. The lessons learned from watching them serve, were: to always help your family and friends, help when needed, don’t expect anything in return and don’t neglect yourself.
Usually my friends tell me about their issues during our conversation. I have helped my friend’s move from one residence to another, drove to job interviews, cook and clean their house.
One friend has renal disease, she has thirty percent functionality in each kidney. I’ve acquired a great deal of knowledge about this illness since my father has the same diagnosis. I informed her that his doctors gave him 6 months to live, that was seven years ago. We met with a dietitian who suggest that

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