Reflection On Being In High School

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“Reflection Proyect”
Being in High School almost for four years, I have growth as student, also as a person, and I had developed some skills, thanks to my teachers I have had the greatest experiences as a student and now at least six months to get graduated checking my transcript data and looking for my goals for the future, I will like to give recommendations to freshman, since I had passed for that level, and I know how it feels like.
My skills in classes of high School represents part of who I’m, In freshman year I had taken easy classes, because I started as an english learning, for me was really complicated because I had no idea what the teacher talked about,but everyday I keep my goal in life,that is be a lawyer, this goal is important
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For elective I had no idea what to choose, I would have liked be in theater, but when I was there I realized that my english was to low to be there, then I changed for restaurant, I don’t really like be cooking, but be there working with food, having great experiences, meeting great people change my mind, first I got desanimated because I had to present a test and I had to study a guide that was in english, I thought “I’m going to drop out the class”, but for a moment I realized that I will be not running from the hardest things, and with fear I just prepare myself and I was really to confront that test, I remember that I say “I know that I’m smart and I can do this, and if I can pass it, I will be proud of me”, anyways the next day the teacher say that students can do the test in their own language, but the last night I had study all in english, but also I study in spanish, so I make the decision to take the test in english, and I passed, and now one of my greatest experiences came for that class, I have had learn a lot of great things that change your mind in a great way. My skills are that I’m very responsible, I’m always on time, and I like to take notes, and my new skill is that I like to follow directions and study before for an exam, this news skills change my grades and make more
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