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Attending the same class five days a week was difficult. No days off, especially when football games on Saturdays left a one-day gap to relieve procrastinated assignments. I took the bus to campus and then walked to the BELL Engineering Hall for “Statics and Mechanics of Materials” each day in the Fall of 2017. Dr. Heymsfield wrote out approximately two problems of Statics step-by-step for us every day on his “Course Notes” which each student had to buy from the Bookstore. Once he said, “Don’t worry, the solutions are in the back of the notes, I always ended up drawing all my diagrams too slow and the teacher would move on. That is why I gave you the notes right in front of you, so you can pay attention.” This spoke to me as I never realized how behind I got over time in a lecture and could not pay attention because I was too busy writing down notes too fast. This is only one great aspect of his exceptional course structure. Another aspect is the way quizzes were given. In Statics especially, some problems are very difficult on the homework and therefore Dr. Heymsfield structured the quizzes are one random problem from the approximately seven homework problems a week. He always stressed “just doing the homework” and affirming we will all do well if we go through each problem fully. An additional aspect which ranked his structure above the rest was the intricate details he stressed for working our problems: “Write like you’re writing a letter to your grandmother.” This

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