Reflective Essay On Human Development

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Human development is a life-long and ongoing process, now that I am already a 20-year-old university student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), it may be the best time for me to review and trace my own personal growth and development. Not only that “the unexamined life is not worth living”, but more importantly as an adolescence as well as a university student, it is very important to trace what shapes up the current “me”, why am I like this now. Through this precious opportunity reviewing myself and self-exploration, I hope that I can make better decisions, as well as to review and (re)set my current goals and ultimately live a more productive life in the future by understanding myself even better, before moving on to the following life stages or social roles.

To start with, the experience of me entering CUHK can illustrate some characteristics of mine, with the first one being my insecure nature that easily being anxious and depressed. I was born in 1997, and therefore in normal case I should be in year 2 now. The reason behind is that last year, I was originally a freshman of another university in Hong Kong. But then for some reasons, I withdrawn studies from that university and re-enter CUHK this year. I can’t deny that I am lucky for having consecutive chances entering a university and finally accomplished my dream getting into CUHK, and that after entering CUHK, I’ve even become the president of one of the service society. It seems that I have achieved

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