Reflective Essay On Individuality

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There are simple things in life that we didn’t expect that will greatly affect our whole personality. Gender, social status, intelligence, performance, educational background, and integrity are some of the constituents that are used to judge and label our individuality. There are conjoint places around the world that we thought will be safe for us, will value and appreciate who we truly are, and a lot of us consider that to be the last place who will treat us punitively and unreasonably. Most of the times our sexuality overthrows us in a way that we are being restricted to the benefits that should be offered and experienced by everyone without any stress and difficulties in obtaining it. If we are going to examine our current situation with great depth and sincerity we will come down with a notion that will make us realize as to when an individual’s sexuality became a passport to be treated discriminatorily and differently.
One of the major topics that are a worldwide concern is the sexism among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) patients and healthcare professionals. According to Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing,
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There is a stigma attached to it that they might be “treated differently.” Moreover, once the patient’s fear prevails and continues it is more likely that their health care issues and concern will not be properly addressed and will develop to a substandard prognosis. There are also some instances where physicians are the ones who feel reluctant in taking the initiative to obtain the necessary information about their patient’s “social and sexual history.” Therefore, patient’s apprehension and physician’s lack of initiative is the phenomena that serve as an obstacle in obtaining the most pertinent information needed to assess their patient’s health status and to properly diagnose their health complaint (Tortelli,
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