Reflective Essay On Korean History

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During my childhood years, I remember reading and watching Korean historical dramas, cartoons, and books with my younger brother. Being exposed to Korean history at such a young age was the biggest influence on my growing interest in wanting to enter the history field. I am thankful that my father, who has a huge interest in Korean history and who has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Confucian Studies at the oldest Korean University, had the skills to teach both my brother and me how to write and decipher the Hanja texts, which are Chinese characters used before the Korean alphabet system, Hangul. He also taught us how to compare Korean history to both Chinese and Japanese history. I remember reading and watching the creation and developments of…show more content…
Not only does this affect the learning of both the young and older generations of Korea, it also affects other aspiring history majors like myself. The textbooks that are used in the United States to teach both East Asian and Korean history are too, influenced by this distortion. It is disheartening to see how the historical inaccuracies taught in school textbooks can hinder the learning of students and that the correct version of history is not being taught in both schools in South Korea and Korean school programs here in America. In order to resolve these issues, I want to first reach out to the Korean-American community here in the Tacoma-Seattle area since not every Korean-American know about these details since many have little to no knowledge about Korean history and they may not have the skills to properly decipher the Hanja texts. Being able to decipher the hanja texts is also crucial to fully mastering the Korean language. The first step that I have taken to combat this issue was volunteering for the Tacoma Korean School program held at Tacoma Central Presbyterian

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