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After taking the Conceptualizing Leadership Questionnaire in our textbook, and tallying up the totals of each category, I realized that an emphasis on behavior is what I found least important with a score of 18, but to my surprise each of the scores for the remaining categories came in at a strong 20 points. I thought it would have been easier for me to define what I felt were strong sides to being an effective leader, when in reality an effective leader is centered around many important aspects. Interesting, the least emphasis that was placed on effective leadership was “The essence of leadership is performing tasks and dealing with people.” I do not think that an effective leader should think of leading as dealing with people, and performing…show more content…
With that being said, I’ve learned that leadership is a set of skills that we can learn in order for our group to successfully end with a common goal. We must be able to adapt to different situations in order to get the job done, by building good relationships with people who may be very different than us, continuously motivating and inspiring, with hopes of creating changes to how your groups believes things ought to…show more content…
A leader 's ability to inspire, to motivate, and to expect high performance outcomes on the basis of his or her values is something that all cultures saw as substantially contributing to outstanding leadership (Pennsylvania State University, 2015). Instead of expecting people to follow behind me, I should instead collectively collaborate the individuals I work with, always considering their best interests, ideas, and motivates, without force, and without being unethical (Pennsylvania State University, 2015). I will try my best to inspire others to become active, so hopefully they too will become strong leaders

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