Reflective Essay On Learning Challenges

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Assignment 1: "Reflective Essay about a Learning Challenge"
1) Current learning career and trajectory.
I am a 50 something grandfather, father, husband, and employee who is currently enrolled in fulltime online classes working towards a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.
2) The learning aim that is of importance to me.
I am learning new concepts at work that include web, server, networking, and database technologies in addition to what I am learning in school. I struggle to learn so much new material and need to develop a way to keep it all coming in and retaining the knowledge I need to succeed at work, in school, and at home.
3) Biggest mental challenges in achieving your learning aim.
Because I am learning so much at work
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(2014). Effective Adult Learning A Toolkit for Teaching Adults. Retrieved October 13, 2014, from Focused on the trainer this document provides meaningful insight into the different types of learners, how to reach them along with questions and techniques to better gauge their understanding of new material. This can help the student to ask the questions that lead her to understand the learning style most effective to them.
• Battista, L., & Ruble, V. (2014, January 13). Nine Strategies to Spark Adult Students' Intrinsic Motivation. Retrieved October 13, 2014, from Also focused on the teachers point of view it is still an informative piece that can provide the learner with 9 ways he or she can practice some self-engagement in the classroom to enhance the learning experience.
• Learning as an adult. (1996, September 1). Retrieved October 13, 2014, from This is a brief overview of what it is like for an adult learner to re-enter education. It provides insight into the learners expectations as well as those of the educational institution one is attending. If also offers some tips on how to be engaged to learn
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