Reflective Essay On Learning

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Report of my activities and progress
In this last two weeks I learned a great deal of things that helped me to improve my style and grammar. For example, I know how to recognize and write an excellent thesis statement, what is an analytical essay, and dominate MLA style guidelines. For a better understanding of the topic, I used the readings of the book and the documents on D2L, the posts of my classmates, the videos, the self-assessments, and the quizzes. After all the results I got, I can feel proud of all the progress I have achieved. The errors have been less and less every time.
The results during these weeks were above the average, in general in the quizzes I had high results, this time in contrast of other quizzes, I got 100% in the first attempt. The self-assessments were a worthy resource to learn about the sentence fragment and subject-verb agreement. Today I am sure that I dominate the MLA system. In the works that I presented in these two weeks, the main problem was the lack of use of transitions so I need to work out on that. Also, an important new knowledge is the argumentative essay, the structure and the uses. In the next paragraphs I will detail everything.
The book of Andrea Lunsford Everyone´s an author was a truly excellent tool to learn the new topics, especially information about grammar, it was very useful at the moment I had to take the self-assessments and the quizzes. During the sixth week I read about the argumentative essays and I learned that

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