Literacy Narrative

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We were asked to write a literacy narrative in English class and at that moment I was tracing through my memories where language or listening had any influence on me. I was stuck. I have a few instances where I could see how language at a specific moment in life influenced me, but I just could not decide what to write about. Then it hit me, it was like a bulb lit up. The most influential event that involved some aspect of literacy, was when I attended the McHenry College fair. There are many events that led to this day and I could not imagine how my life would have turned out.
At a young age, I was embodied with the notion that you need college to be successful in life, so I worked hard in school and finally it had paid off. My last semester
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The keynote speaker of the day was Enrique Rodriguez, an anchor of Univision news. His life experience was inspiring. I will remember his words. At a young age, Enrique had admirations and goals that he wanted to accomplish in life, he was raised by two Hispanic parents and brought to the United States at the age of thirteen. He dreamt that he was an anchor or reported, I remember his affectionate voice when he described his passion for narrating soccer games or imitating the news. This was his dream and was going to make it happen. When he arrived at the United States, Enrique had a difficult time adjusting since he did not know any English, but he did not let that stop him. He was enrolled in junior and high school in California. But an obstacle occurred and he was not able to attend the university after his first year because he was an undocumented school. Years later, he received his green card and was able to attend school again. Throughout the presentation, he kept uttering the same phrase, “Si se Puede! Si se Puede!” which means “You can do it.” Throughout every obstacle he faced, he repeated this phrase it was meant to resonate with the Latino students. Fast forward seven years, he graduated from the university and started his career. He is now one of the anchors of the Univision news. As I heard his story, I clenched my hands and was…show more content…
I still have this picture and whenever I feel like I can move on, I remember the phrase “Si se Puede!” I moved on to the other activities plan for this day, but the lecture filled a special place in my
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