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Since I took Honors Algebra II Junior year, my teacher recommended me for Honors Pre-Calculus. I knew the class would be challenging. Even though I had all my math credits and didn’t need any more math classes, I took the class anyway to challenge myself. Since my math skills were a little rusty, I wanted to get some extra math practice and challenge myself. More than one factor contributed to my difficulty in the course. Your attitude about something can affect your performance. You can choose to have a negative attitude or a positive one. My attitude towards math is sometimes unpleasant and that is my first hurdle. I don’t get as enthusiastic about math as I would a subject I enjoy like reading or politics. But I do try to have a broad and positive attitude about it at times. Second, I test well in other subjects, but in math I don’t. No matter how much I study or how much I think I understand a…show more content…
Most of the time when I went to tutoring, it was very crowded, so I wasn’t able to get as much attention as I would have liked. The teacher would explain what I had trouble with and he would do a practice problem on the board. Sometimes I would peer study with my friend. Since she understood math better than I did, we sometimes went to the library after school to study and help each other. I reviewed my notes and I worked out practice problems to get the hang of solving the problems. I had to use a lot of outside sources as well, especially when it came time to do my homework. I usually went on YouTube searching for videos that provided example problems and explanations. I also went on the math section of to look at examples and follow the steps of how to solve the problems. On the weeks that we would have tests, the teacher reviewed with us in class and I would go home and study. Despite all this, my test grades still came back lower than I what I

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