Mega Church Reflection

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We had a guest speaker on Sunday who spoke on purposefulness. He said regardless of who you are, God has a plan for your life. He indicated that when we choose to follow God’s divine vocation for our life that we will feel emotionally complete. You know when you listen to a service and it is as if God is speaking directly to you? For me, this service was much like that. I left my church for almost two years and I just recently returned. We are what most would consider a mega church with thousands of members and multiple services. The music is loud and the band is large. The atmosphere is contemporary and the congregation are diverse and you can dress up or dress down. Children are able to learn about Jesus with other children their age. There is even an area for junior high and high school youth. There are multiple pool tables, fuse ball, and a place to grab lunch. There is a restaurant, bookstore, and small several places to buy coffee. There are many opportunities to become involved in small groups or outreach programs. When I…show more content…
I have attended classes and I have met people; however, I rarely see them during a service. After attending the same church for nearly twenty years, I began searching for a smaller church where I could connect with people on a more intimate level. I have always loved church, but it is considered a mega church and when I meet people that attend, it is not at church. It is usually in a different social setting. My church experience growing up was much different from the church I currently attend. I do not remember the church or anything about it, but I do remember that a man name Leon (from church) would visit the neighborhood and he brought me a large chocolate Hershey’s bar after my first visit to Sunday school. I remember that he was kind and he always wore a hat. I know that I was saved as a child, but I do not remember anything about
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