Reflective Essay On Mission Command

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Mission Command As I reflect on what I have learned over last six weeks. I hope that I am able to help others have a better understanding about Mission Command, Mission Command Principles, and Mission Command Philosophy. As the Army conducts Unified Land Operations throughout their assigned area of responsibility. It will be important that we have an understanding of Mission Command. Mission command is the exercise of authority and direction of commander's when in use of orders for a mission. The commanders key task and responsibility during this process to drive the process through the commander’s activities. As the Command Sergeant Major (CSM), it is my job to assist and advise the commander during this process. I will assist him in developing the team, as well as our unified partners. I also will assist him in informing and influencing the audience around the organization. We as…show more content…
The Art of Command is the creativity and skilled implementation of authority through decision-making and leadership. As leaders, we exercise the art of command daily by delegating authority and making decision. Commanders must be careful when delegating authority. The art of command requires leaders to provide leadership. It allows people to communicate and express their thoughts. It is important that I establish a positive dialogue with other leaders, subordinates and collaborating partners, in order to build trust and a shared understanding. Commanders create systems and procedures used to allow the commander a better understanding of accomplishing the mission which known as science of control. Commanders exercise control due change or to address new problems. Information and communication is key when trying to implement the science of control. Degree of control is a key component to science of control because it allows commanders set appropriate controls to maximize his combat
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