Reflective Essay On My Analysis As A Writer

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Over the semester, I have gained a better understanding of different writing tasks, specifically analysis. I have also continued to pursue my goal of being a more professional writer. I hope to carry the skills I have obtained and what I have learned with me throughout my writing career in biology.
When I began the course, I was not familiar with analysis writing. I thought it was a detailed summary of what a person was looking at. I came to realize that an analysis was used in many other subjects that I would encounter throughout my education. I also realized that analyzing is not just of documents, but data and media as well. I now understand that analysis as a breakdown of the elements of something and interpreting them to mean something. When analyzing, I first study what I am working with and try to answer questions like, what is the author trying to convey? Who is the audience? What other forms of media connect to this topic? I used these questions to form an argument that
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This goal is one I am still pursuing, as I have a few tasks I am still trying to become proficient at. The goals I am still working on are punctuation, sentence structure, and becoming accustomed to writing in my discipline. One thing I have tried to improve my writing is reading it aloud. This has solved many of the sentence structure mistakes, such as run on and nonsense sentences. Punctuation is still a work in progress. My peer editors find many misplaced or forgotten commas. I will continue to use my peers as a resource to help eliminate these errors until I have a better understanding of how they are used. When reading aloud It is often hard for me to tell if a comma is misplaced or not. Writing in my discipline will require me to have a complete understanding of APA, which I learned how to do in this course. It will also require almost, if not all the forms of writing we covered in this

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