My High School Years Essay

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I am focusing my senior project on my senior year of high school. Although I believe that my previous three years were significant to my personal growth, I feel that I have made the most significant personal breakthroughs within this year. Music has been a significant part of my high school years. I remember the pre-Spotify days of using iHeart radio, which for me was usually set to a mostly randomized array of indie music. One day, a song came up, and I quickly searched for who the artist was. It was none other than Lights, the artist who has influenced me throughout high school. I am the kind of person who likes to hone in on the lyrics and derive meaning out of them. I am going to play the song that I heard first, the one that started it…show more content…
I have always been a biker because biking means independence and having drive. In high school, living with my mom and siblings, getting rides places, let alone having my own car, was out of the question. I did not know it at the time, but that ended up being a blessing. Having to take charge of where I would go and when taught me independence, responsibility, and time management. It even helped me commit to my first job as an assistant instructor for Girlventures. I have been working with Girlventures for two years, and I am about to embark on the third year in June. Girlventures is a nonprofit based in San Francisco focusing on empowerment of females and non-gender-conforming people through inner reflection and the outdoors. At Girlventures, I realized how strong I could be and my leadership style and potential. I reached for a grounding force to focus my energies and distract from the chaos at home. I sought to find an escape and an outlet through my activities, where I could get away from everything and be happy. Seeking out activities that lifted me up and developed my strengths became a theme in high school. I turned to not only Girlventures, but outdoor activities and last year, to the yoga
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