Personal Narrative: My Worldview Journey

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My worldview journey is quite basic and uncomplicated. I’m a full-time college student with absolutely no contradictions or controversial questions swirling around in my mind. Since I’m an engineering major so like most of the unexceptional people I never used to scrutinize everything and raise different philosophical questions, in fact, the answer to almost anything for me was either science or the religious knowledge I attained and understood so far. Achieving my goals and be successful and keeping my family happy and satisfied was the only main objective in life. My religious faith is pretty comprehensible as well, I believe in one God and have firm faith in His existence. God has created everything for some reason and He is the only One…show more content…
And also whether the true knowledge is possible to acquire. According to J.P Moreland, knowledge represents reality in thought and experience and it is the foundation for successful dealings and confidence. And also how can we acquire that in our life. I believe that knowledge about something is very important but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be wrong and different from others. Beliefs and knowledge could be true or false but that doesn’t mean a person is incapable or should be considered less in any way. As J.P Moreland states, “indeed, the presence of doubt, the awareness of disagreement among experts, or the acknowledgment of arguments and evidence contrary to one’s view on something does not necessarily mean that one does not have knowledge of the thing in question” (KT, 121). It’s the right of every individual to raise voice and have different opinion and perspective. We can’t judge each other base on what or how they think, everybody deserves the power to place their own view and speak up accordingly. There are different types of knowledge and some of them that human possess are moral knowledge, religious knowledge, scientific knowledge, philosophical knowledge, aesthetic knowledge, and intuition. In Plato’s Republic Socrates states, “Socrates: the lovers of listening and seeing are passionately devoted to beautiful sounds, colors, shapes, and everything fashioned out of such things. But their thought is unable to see the nature of the beautiful itself or to be passionately devoted to it” (Abel 134). I think I tend to agree with him on this one, people who love and are attracted to outside beauty are unable to see the actual beauty. And that is the beauty of soul and nature. And in today’s world, most of us value and admire someone based on their appearance rather than their inner goodness. And also Rene Descartes in Meditations on First Philosophy says, “Whatever I have

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