Reflective Essay On My Writing Class

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Coming into this course I did not know what to expect. My previous writing skills were sufficient for lower level writing courses, but I had never taken a higher level writing class. Regardless of my worries, I expected to gain experience and work on my craft of writing through practice and critiquing of my work. Though I had no problem constructing the language, I struggled with an essays structure and format, which I now understand to do. The most important resources which contributed to my progression in writing were examples of essays handed out in class and internet articles discussing MLA format and paragraph outlines. With practice, these strategies helped me incorporate MLA format and proper structure of essays to every paper I wrote.…show more content…
My biggest weakness throughout the class what punctuation and editing. Fortunately, the pieces of work I chose for my portfolio show the pattern of improvement throughout each paper. The very first pieces of work is "Doublespeak in Politics" which I chose because it had a proper structure but few editing errors. As the order continues to "Advertisements in Business" which still holds a few editing errors but shows an improvement in punctuations. The greatest strides I took to progress was studying online examples of proper MLA papers. This helped me drastically and gave me the ability to identify flaws in my own papers. Certainly, the greatest resource for learning how to write an acceptable paper is the course and the professor. The greatest benefit to the quality of my work was the time allowed to work and edit the papers. For example, if a paper was not finished the following week, turning it in the week after would be acceptable. Though this may seem overly lenient, this is a crucial aspect in achieving the greater potential out of a writer. An improvement to this class could be practice essays or outlines in class for
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