Reflective Essay On My Writing Experience

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There is a well told saying that you have a great opportunity to make an initial impression with your writing. From individual connections to business gatherings, we are taught that individuals' structure feelings with us in no time flat, and that we ought to be prepared to demonstrate our best at all times. Each one of us has our own particular style of interacting with others whether it be in writing or face to face communication. In the past, I have severed in leadership roles in which I had people following me. However, due to their work habits, it was a requirement for me to do a lot of writing reports. Before I started by quarterly writings I would always bring in my prospect and speak with them to get a better understanding. The purpose…show more content…
I am basically a listener, I believe when there is an activity that needs to be done, I am hands on. In gathering my thoughts I try to jot down notes with the quickness, this is to make sure I do not lose my train of thought. Also, with my listening and organizing my writing, I find myself stressing and sometimes overwhelmed as if I have forgotten some important information. Expressing my ideas in a way to get my readers attention is very valuable to me so far as getting positive feedback. Fortunately, before I start writing on a regular basis I had a hard time describing and sharing my experiences. Also, before I started receiving positive feedback it was very frustrating and hindered my ability to communicate effectively with my subordinates. My main goal was to increase my writing skills and be a successful writer. In conclusion, the excitement I receive from my relationship with writing is by gaining positive exposure in my field of work. I realize writing for some people is not as terrifying as it is for others. The key to improving my writing skills will take time so effort and time, but it will be beneficial in the long run. My relationship with writing is like the way we listen to each other very unique because our past is quite
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