Reflective Essay On My Writing Skills

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Throughout the entire semester, I have written essays that have been edited many times and reviewed by my instructor. My writing has grown stronger through each paper because I have been able to expand my knowledge of writing and the skills that I have to use. The portfolio that I am putting together should be a clearly passing portfolio. My writing skills have developed to make me the strong writer that I am today and to prepare me for my writing in the future. In many of my papers I used great research techniques like, BGSU Summon and Google Scholar to find my sources and the information that I was going to use in my papers. First, using BGSU Summon really helped me find the information that I needed in my papers and it was an easy tool to use. I also used many different news articles in my papers so that I had many different viewpoints in my papers to have a strong argument for what I thought the information was about. I grew in my knowledge on how to pick sources that were credible and would be easy to cite and how to cite them correctly so that I became a better researcher for finding information for my papers now and the ones that I write in the future. I was able…show more content…
For each of the papers that I had to write this semester, I was able to Argue a Position with facts and credible sources to a group of college students that may have had a different opinion than I did. In my Arguing a Position paper I explained how having a fast food job is bad for teenagers while other people thought that a fast food job benefited teenagers. I learned how to reach my audience through this paper so that they would understand why I thought that these jobs were bad for teenagers. By doing this I was able to correctly develop a skill where no matter what kind of audience I am talking to in a paper, I will be able to clearly get my point across in an easy to understand
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