Reflective Essay On My Writing Style

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This was the hardest course I have taken to date. My journey began with identifying different conventions of writing styles based on Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, of which I had no prior experience. I never gave thought to the idea of having different writing styles geared towards specific audiences. This makes a great deal of sense when considering all the different writing topics, styles, and audiences. Module one was my first exposure to “conventions.” This was the first sign that I was going to have a difficult time deciphering the instructions, because most of the language used was new to me. Module one marked a new benchmark for me, as it was the first time I have ever failed an assignment. This immediately put me…show more content…
I have utilized these before, and momentarily sighed a breath of relief. Unfortunately that was short lived. This was the first time I had to write one that fell under such guidelines while having to write identifying the appropriate convention. After some formatting issues, I feel that I turned in a solid assignment. Consequently, it did not come together problem free. I had an issue deciding if I was to use the words “Running Header:” before my title. That question was answered by Ms. Hatcher in an email. Because this project forced me to read and re-read my assignment instructions over several times I feel confident that I could reproduce this with more ease in the future. Ending a semester usually proves to be a happy event, however, I wrote my entire paper for module four before realizing I selected a topic in the wrong convention. This is just a sign, that I need to continue forcing myself to take English classes. All in all, this was the most challenging college course I have completed by far. Thankfully though, the difficulty I had with this class has highlighted many weak areas I will need to focus on in the future. This class forced me to endure long nights, reading instructions and writing, but in the end, every struggle to improve knowledge is always worth it. This class is no

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