Reflective Essay On Occupational Transitions

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Introduction As I completed the readings and the recent role checklist I reflected back upon the different role changes that I've experienced throughout my life. I realized from these reflections that with the role changes, the importance of various values and things changed in conjunction with these role changes. Changing my roles also changed the occupations that I was involved in; some occupations disappeared while new ones were added during the occupational transitions. These role changes included many personal and contextual factors that influenced them. I also found that in my life with each new role I added, or subtracted, a new occupational balance had to be found. Occupational Transitions I have experienced many occupational transitions…show more content…
Where as role balance was defined as satisfactory fulfillment of all valued roles (Backman, 2010). It is extremely hard to balance all of my present roles and the occupations that go along with them. As I mentioned before having the extremely valuable roles of being a student and friend and family member can create a role conflict. In order to try and remedy this situation I set aside time to complete the activities associated with each…show more content…
With each occupational transition new occupations were brought about and with those new occupations occupational development occurred. My past occupational roles were ones that I found important, but they took a back seat to my present occupational roles that I found even more important. With each change in my roles, I had to find a new occupational balance and continue to work to ensure that an imbalance didn’t occur. The occupational being that I am today is a result of all of the past and present roles that I have held, and the occupational transitions that I have experienced that brought in a variety of new activities with
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