Reflective Essay On Of Mice And Men

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The book Of Mice and Men is set in the Salinas Valley during the Great Depression. At that time, America’s economy had an economic and social breakdown. However, there are a lot of people that are chasing for their American dream, but most of them are failing. The main characters in John Steinbeck’s book are described as those dreamers, and Steinbeck uses those vivid examples to insinuate this former society. In regards to the issue of either keeping the book on the high school reading list or deleting it as required reading, I believe students should read it. This book provides a more realistic society for students while teaching students real life lessons and shows the importance of having dreams and maintaining friendship. Firstly, the descriptions of the main characters in the book reveal a more realistic society full of real people, with real problems, for students. As stated by the author, “It ain’t no lie. We’re gonna do it. Gonna get a little place an’ live on the fatta the land” (69). This…show more content…
People think it is not conducive to young people’s psychological growth, based on the bad words and cruel lessons of society, but I think teenagers are strong enough to assume those facts and look at the strengths of the realistic characters. They need to try to accept and face the real world, not just stay in the Utopian world that parents and school give to them. One day they will suddenly step out, and life might force them to breakdown. This book is as same as an injection of reality for them. In the result of my analysis, I still believe the book Of Mice and Men should be on the list that high school students are required to read. It has a good story and it’s able to provide a real society for students and real lessons in life. In summary, this is a good book that is worth spending time to
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