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During the interactive oral discussion my group and I addressed key points of the novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. The reflective statement helped me reach conclusions about the texts cultural and contextual elements in the novel. One of the questions that I think impacted the group as a whole was “In what way does time and place matter to this work.” A fellow classmate answered this question by stating “the time and place has everything to do with the story because during the time, 1979, the Iranian Revolution started and shortly after the Iran-Iraq war begun. Marjane Satrapi was only a child when she wrote her novel, therefore, she writes it in first person point of view to tell her experiences during the revolution and the war. Without the time and place of the novel, Marjane Satrapi would not be able to write her experiences that happened during this time frame. To prove, furthermore another student had mentioned that the time of both the war and revolution had even impacted the U.S gas and oil prices. This was significant to me because it showed how even the people living in the U.S were effected. Furthermore, my group moved on to the next topic. The topic was “what was easy to understand with cultural and social issues” My group saw that even in this topic we could make relations between time and place. In the novel religion played a major point. Iran’s government is theocratic, so everyone followed the same religion, but not many wanted to obey them. I made a

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