Writing A Class Reflection

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Writing a paper was such a hard thing for me before I took this class, every time I was asked to write a paper I was struggling. I could not even think about it without getting stressed. I had so many problems like finding good words to use and I did not know how to structure a paper. English is not my first language and that was another challenge for me, also I did not know how to find a good sources and how to do the reference for my research, I had a lot of things to learn when I start taking WRT160. First week of the class was hard for me because I was worried about how should I write all of these assignments and get good grades, everyone told me that this class will be hard and I will have such a bad semester because of it. However, this class became one of my favorite classes and I learned so many things during the semester in WRT160. First of all, I learned about the APA format and how to use it, I thought it will be hard to do it but…show more content…
Also I learned how to use ethos, pathos, and logos and why it is important to use that to convince the audience about anything. I learned how to find a pre-reviewed sources and how to use library one search and why it is good to use that while you are looking for resources. Also it was a good chance to learn how to summarize and responding to sources. The most valuable lesson I have learned about writing through this course was about why it is reading a lot about your topic is important for writing a good paper and that was clear when I wrote the research paper, I needed to read so many things about my topic to make sure that I have enough information and full understanding of my topic so I can make a good argument, also I needed to find more than one source to do that. I also learned to make sure that I always understand the audience and what do they need to read and know and how to choose the right way
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