Reflective Essay On Planned Parenthood

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Throughout this semester, I have made many great achievements and improved my writing skills drastically. This class has helped me improve my writing skills with grammar and methods for writing. I have also learned what I need to improve on, which includes effectively using quotes and writing narrative pieces. Many of the assignments in this portfolio are argumentative; I believe this style of writing is best for me. Overall, these assignments are the best I have written this semester. My best piece is my argumentative essay about funding Planned Parenthood. Within this essay, I debate the pros and cons of removing federal funding for Planned Parenthood, and then I finish the essay with my final, educated opinion. I was assigned this topic at random,…show more content…
I appreciate how literature has formed the person I am today, and I poured out these feelings in my essay. Adding a quote to my final essay was recommended to me by my teacher. This helped improve my essay a great deal, and I am glad that I listened to this advice. However, I could have integrated a quote into my essay in a more effective manner. Nevertheless, I am proud of how the paper turned out. One of the assignments I am proud of is a mini essay about how to write an argumentative paper. The point of the assignment was to show that I know the steps to writing an argumentative paper. I feel like I clearly outlined all of the steps necessary. However, I could have improved the essay by not addressing the reader. My opening paragraph also could have been improved. Another assignment I am proud of is my practice argumentation paragraph. In this paragraph, I talked about my opinion on abortion, and why I believe this. I picked this topic because it was the topic I knew the most about at the time. My favorite part of this assignment is how I ended the paragraph. However, I should have used more facts in the
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